Addiction Treatment in East Hartford, Connecticut

What do you see in your mind when you hear the word ‘addict'? Do you imagine a desperate junkie looking to ‘score' their next ‘hit'? Do you envision an alcoholic ‘sleeping it off' on a park bench? There are many misconceptions about addiction and alcoholism. In truth, an alcoholic or drug addict can look just like anyone. They might wear a lab coat, a uniform, or blue jeans. An addict can look just like you. Drug and alcohol dependence comes in myriad forms with many faces. Fortunately, addiction treatment in East Hartford, CT is only a phone call away.

What Is Addiction?

A person can become dependent on any number of things. An alcohol addiction is not the same as a habit, although the two are similar. Someone with a bad habit can stop their behavior. For a person who is addicted, quitting without professional substance abuse addiction treatment in East Hartford is virtually impossible.

People who are dependent on drugging or drinking just can't stop themselves and will go to great lengths to use or drink. They may cheat and lie and steal from their friends. They may be fired from their job, ruin their relationships, and lose their house. They may replace friends with drug dealers. Rehab may be the last thing on the addict's mind, but drug and alcohol treatment programs may be precisely the thing they need to save their life.

Addiction to alcohol or drugs is certainly problematic, but these troubling conditions can be managed with compassionate and confidential addiction treatment in East Hartford.

Why Do People Become Addicted?

Most people start using drugs or drinking because it feels good and allows them to shed social inhibitions. Some start using in an effort to escape the emotional or physical pain. Others turn to mind altering substances because they want to be accepted by a peer group. Persons who become dependent on intoxicants take the first step into addiction voluntarily. They may have accepted a prescription for strong painkillers from a doctor they trust. They may have happily strolled into a bar and ordered a cocktail, or they may have first tried drugs with a friend, explains the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Addiction can make people behave in ways that are contrary to the own beliefs and morals. They may spend money they can't afford to keep intoxicants on hand. Addicts may drive while impaired and engage in other risky behaviors, say addiction experts at Mayo Clinic.

All things considered, it doesn't make a whole lot of difference how someone becomes dependent. If a person relies on a legal or illegal substance just to wake up and get through the day, their surest way out of addiction is via private alcohol rehab and drug rehab in East Hartford.

What to Expect at Drug and Alcohol Rehab in East Hartford

When you first check in, you may feel angry and frightened. You might feel like your family or friends forced you into addiction treatment in East Hartford. You might even feel ambivalent about giving up drinking or drugging. This is normal, and you won't be judged for your attitude.

First, you will go through a phase called medical detox in East Hartford. This is the part of drug rehab and alcohol rehab during which your body naturally rids itself of drugs or alcohol. Withdrawal may not be easy, but medical help can get you through the worst parts of detox. Doctors, counselors, and other patients who are recovering from addiction will be there for you. Drug and alcohol treatment programs have helped a lot of people in East Hartford reclaim their lives.

Addiction treatment in East Hartford, CT is the sure and confidential way for any addicted man or woman who wished to regain control of their life and happiness. Drug and alcohol treatment programs have helped a lot of people learn to embrace sobriety, and they can help you or your loved one, too. Call East Hartford Drug Rehab Centers now for help at (860) 331-2998.

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